My Services

I help startups unlock their full potential by solving problems that are hindering their growth

I’ve helped startups in these areas over and over. If you’re facing any of these problems, my proven processes will help you overcome them

Project Assessment

Have an idea for a new startup but don’t know how to start? I will help you plan your success without investing tons of money upfront

Technical Team Building

Need to build a technical team but don’t want to get too technical? I’ve hired 200+ technical people in the past years with over 95% success rate. Programmers, UI Experts, QA Testers…You name it.

Platform Scaling

Is your platform unable to keep up with your growth? Growing startups I have helped have a 372% increase in ROI after I scale up their platforms

Startup Rescue

Already working on your startup but keep missing deadlines and suffer from budget overruns? I can help

Project Management

I’ve successfully managed and delivered projects with budgets of hundred of thousand of dollars. I use my PM skills in order to help your achieve your business goals.

Marketing Automation

Have a marketing process in place that generates revenue but is too manual? Let’s automate your marketing machine and boost your revenues

Ready To Take Your Startup To The Next Level?