PEO Consultants

A Startup That Helped Companies Save Millions Of Dollars On Workers Compensaion & Health Insurance Premiums

Project Overview

Chris got in touch with me after he got frustrated with developers who are so technically minded and can’t understand his business. For six months, we worked together in order to revamp his online presence, automate his marketing and build a website that truly represents the impact he makes when working with his clients. This was one of my most enjoyable projects as Chris is goal-oriented like me, and gives me the control I need to produce results for him.

Client: PEO Consultants

Industry: Consulting
Location: Denver, CO
Size: 3 people

Company Bio

PEO Consultants specializes in helping you navigate the PEO (Professional Employer Organization) marketplace to find the best fit for your business goals, employees, and bottom line. We will be with you every step of the way, recommending the best option for your company even if that means staying with your current plan, and addressing any concerns during the underwriting process.


“We have seen a 32% jump in our web leads this year as a result of working with Samer. My website had at least twenty things that needed to be fixed, and he fixed them all. He optimized the speed on my website, recommended a better hosting provider, and helped us change our website verbiage to address our ideal client needs.”

Chris Peterson


The Challenge

My biggest challenge in this project was to understand his industry, as his services are corporate-oriented, and I have never worked at a corporation in my life. Chris took the time to walk me through his services, answer any questions I had, and shared insights on his ideal prospects. Armed with this information, I proceeded to implementation confident that I could deliver.

The Approach

This project consisted of three milestones:


  1. Feasibility Study: I spent a week studying PEO Consultants business model, and came up with options to proceed that fell within the client’s budget, while delivering the value he desired. Chris chose an option and we proceeded.
  2. Website Execution: We rebuilt the website according to modern standards. We used Divi, one of the most advanced WordPress themes that provided us with world-class branding we needed.
  3. Online Branding: After the website was completed, we proceeded to rebranding the website , and rewriting the copy on the website and all social media channels in order to speak to the company’s ideal prospects.

The Results

PEO Consultants saw a 32% increase in web leads as a direct result of my work. The image we built for the company also helped clients see the company in a different perspective. Due to the trust they built through their website, clients took less time to close and they were more willing to engage on bigger projects faster.

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